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A few weeks back, we took the opportunity to travel down to the most Southern point of the UK in Cornwall; a quiet little seaside town called Lizard. While there, we were fortunate enough to meet this incredible couple and do a last minute couple shoot.

Luckily for us the weather held out and despite being a bit chilly and windy, we managed to capture these beautiful images of these two people in love, with the stunning scenery as a cheeky bonus!

The landscape was so incredible that we even went back at sunset to get some more shots. Being a five and a half hour car journey, it would probably be a while before we travelled back down so we didn’t want to miss the opportunity!

What we love most about doing a couple shoot is the fact that the couple have time to just focus on each other. They have no distractions; it’s a chance for them to just be themselves and allow us to capture them in that moment. Why should people have to wait for their engagement or their wedding day to celebrate the connection they have?

A couple shoot is the perfect opportunity for the couple to just be present and forget all the little day to day things that often consume their time with one another. More often than not, when it comes to just holding one another (not to mention in front of a stranger with a camera) a couple will start off very shy. Then a few minutes in, you get the shots that you’re looking for; the ones that you know the couple will be proud to show their friends and family as they realise just how great they look together.

Cornwall, you were amazing; Ryker and Lizzie, even more so, thank you for having us as your photographers, you guys are pros!

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