Lecce – Italy | Travel Photography

As romantic as we like to think we are, our holidays usually consist of a trip to Spain which would most often involve lying on a sun lounger for the duration of the trip, drinking, eating and reading if we’re conscious enough!

To step it up a notch after being together for 8 years (and to celebrate being married for 3 of those), we decided to take a trip to Italy last September.

Rather than going to Rome or Florence however, we ended up in beautiful Lecce; it did not disappoint!

Now if you’re anything like us, you may not have heard of this little gem of a location before. Thankfully, it seems that not many people have; or at least we just happened to go during a quieter season! In any case, Lecce has so much to offer, whether you’re into architecture, fine dining or quite simply love a good drink; I can honestly say this is one of the best places we’ve visited in Europe.

We were fortunate to get a room at the fairly newly opened ‘La Signura Bio B&B‘. This place is incredible. They specialise in all things eco friendly, which includes delicious vegetarian and vegan breakfasts. It’s easy to get very comfortable there and we found ourselves missing the smell of lavender and freshly baked vegan croissants when we got home (yes that’s right, VEGAN croissants every morning!)

The B&B itself was smack bang in the middle of all the action and the nearest bars which included Cuban themed and Prohibition themed cocktail bars, were only a few minutes away from where we were staying!

As I mentioned this was a special, pretty much spur of the moment trip to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary so I had actually booked a private dinner at (what I thought was) a local restaurant. It turns out I had actually booked a table at a place which was 30-45 minutes by taxi so a few hours before the meal I called to cancel the booking (unbeknownst to Kayla at the time) and frantically searched for somewhere more local to do a stunning, vegan anniversary dinner for us.

Lucky for me there was a place 5-10 minutes walk from our B&B so after getting all dressed up (as you do on these occasions), we headed out for our seemingly well planned meal.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, the waiter greeted us and took our coats before leading us over to our table where we found candles lit and a vase of fresh flowers for Kayla. Soon after, the chef came out to introduce himself and asked us what we liked and didn’t like and if we had any allergies and explained he would be tailoring a 5 course dinner for us. I did my best not to look too surprised as of course this was all well planned out by me in advance!

The food was absolutely stunning and with each course, the chef delivered the meals to our table personally and explained exactly what we were eating and made sure our wine glasses were always topped up.

You may be thinking at this point that this cost us a fortune, however the whole bill came to less than 100 Euros plus the hefty tip that we chose to leave on account of the amazing service the staff provided!

If nothing else this trip taught us that sometimes, spur of the moment decisions can be the best ones you make. We all spend a hell of a lot of time wondering ‘what if’ and ensuring that everything is planned out so meticulously that we forget to be present and enjoy the moments that come about purely by chance.

Here’s some of our favourite images from our trip to Lecce. If you have any questions about this beautiful city, please ask away and we’ll do our best to provide you with more info.

All the best,