Newborn Lifestyle Photography Experience

Newborn lifestyle photography is very different from your posed/studio based newborn photography. It’s far more relaxed and authentic with a focus on your family! For me I love how it tells a unique story of each family who are in the early days of welcoming their new little person into this big wide world. So in this blog I wanted to take the time to share with you what a newborn lifestyle photography experience is, and how to prepare yourselves and your home for such a session.

It goes a little something like this…(and if I haven’t put Run-D.M.C “It’s like that” into your head then it’ll be there now; you’re welcome!)

Booking made so what happens next?

Once you’ve paid your deposit I will send you a little newborn lifestyle photography intro pack that goes over some of the boring but essential contract stuff, and more importantly questions about your family and what you’d like to have included in your session; such as baby’s favourite blanket or toy etc. From here the ball is then rolling and we can totally customise your session, suggest ideas; generally get to know one another so when I enter your home it feels like a friend has stopped by for a cuppa.

What is the ideal age for baby at the time of the session?

This is completely up to you and what stage you’d love to have captured. If you’re after photos of your baby all cuddly and sleepy then I would suggest anytime within the first 7-14 days. If you’d rather have more awake and interactive images of your baby then a session can be arranged for anytime within the first three months. Every family welcoming the newest addition feels different so it is best to do what you are comfortable with.

What should baby wear? No wait, what should we wear!

I get this a lot; from the mums in particular as let’s face it you’re not really feeling like your old self just yet. Clothing is a complete personal preference and it’s important to show who you are so you feel as comfortable as possible. However, as a general guideline I would suggest anything neutral, some pops of colour and or texture (the last thing you want though is a huge branded logo across a t-shirt or something of the sort that will draw the focus away from baby and onto you!). Personally I wouldn’t suggest for a family to be all matchy-matchy as it’s not ‘real’, but try to coordinate yourselves where possible.

Now for baby I’m more than happy for you to do a little outfit change if you just have so many adorable ones you want to see them in! But limit this to two as it will just unsettle them. You might also want some photos of them wrapped in your most gorgeous muslin or blanket. Before your session feel free to send me images of your outfit choices; most important thing is that you guys look like you!

Where in our home will photos be taken?

Typically the best rooms are of course the nursery, the master bedroom and on occasion the living room. I pay close attention to the nursery in particular as I’m sure it’s where you’ve spent most of your energy getting all the little details just right before your baby’s arrival! The master bedroom is usually a great room also as it tends to have the most beautiful natural light source.

So with that in mind it’s important not to stress over going into a mad cleaning frenzy, but just to declutter and have an organised space to be in. You can always send me a few photos of your rooms if you’re unsure, but ultimately I will only photograph the areas in your home that have the best natural light.

What typically happens during a newborn lifestyle photography session?

I like to meet all family members before I even get my camera out, especially if you have toddlers or older children as it’s important for them to know a little bit about me. From there it’s really helpful if you could show me around the previously discussed rooms just so I can get an idea of space and light. We will run through the session plan in terms of desired shots and then of course I get all broody over your beautiful baby.

What’s really important to remember is that we are in no rush, we work to baby’s needs and schedule so if we have to stop in order for them to feed or have a change then that is more than ok. Ideally I like to start the session in the master bedroom followed by the nursery, but again this can be altered to you.

I don’t usually give directions as such as I prefer there to be as natural of a connection as possible between you and your family, however, I will position you slightly just so you’re in the best possible light and if you need a few prompts I’ll guide you along. These sessions are typically forty-five minutes to an hour long, so plenty of time for cuddle breaks to help baby settle.

How and when will I receive our photos?

As with any of our Family Lifestyle Session’s you will receive your images from your shoot on a password-protected online gallery within four to six weeks from the date of the session. They will each be edited in our Menzies Photography signature style for you to download and share with friends and family. If you’d also like to receive them on a USB or have some printed please just let us know and we can add this to your package.

If you have any further questions about newborn lifestyle photography that I haven’t covered please just get in touch through our contact page.

One thing is for certain, I always feel so incredibly honoured to be asked to document any milestone in a family’s life; and put all my energy into making each session personal and unique to you so you can have the best possible experience.


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