My most proud achievement in life is my awesome family! I’m fortunate enough to have my beautiful daughter Reina and my stunning wife Kayla. We live in Chichester, West Sussex and while we’re lucky to have the South Downs so close by, we love travelling and seeing new places; all the while taking a ton of photos!

I’m truly a geek at heart and when I’m not running around at weddings with my two cameras hanging from my ‘cowboy-esque’ holsters, or spending time with my girls; I’m either playing video games, watching movies or topping up on my Japanese language skills. On that note, I’m obsessed with Japanese culture and Tokyo is one of my favourite places in the world!I love tattoos and by way of expressing the geek within, I’ve covered one and three quarter of my arms in images that I love; either through nostalgia, obsession or sheer awesomeness!

I’ve always had a love for photography. In fact I’ve convinced myself that without taking the steps to go to a specific Uni to study the subject alongside Film and Videography, I would never have met Kayla! It wasn’t until after our own wedding that I started to think of re-visiting photography on a more professional basis and so after a lot of encouragement from friends and family, I started Menzies Photography and found exactly what I had always wanted from a career. This truly is the best job in the world.


I'm a 5ft Canadian with an obsession for outfits that have pockets and a love for anything floral! But first and foremost I'm a very proud Mama to my little miracle, Reina, and wife to Alex who's our wedding photographer. Even after over a decade of being together he still has me cracking up on a daily basis. I love spending my days with these two whether it be walks along the seaside where we live, or adventures abroad!

I'm, forever taking pictures, even if its just from my phone; I have to get that moment. It's because I never want to forget the beautiful simplicity of the everyday, and because it terrifies me just how fast time flies.

Every time I meet a new family I'm overwhelmed by their connection, and how special this time in their lives must be if they've asked me to document it. Years will pass by in a blink but these photographs will transport you back, and you'll close your eyes remembering the high pitched laughter from the little ones you created; how you were once able to hold them all bundled up on your chest, or how they told you just how much they love you. My job is to make sure this connection is felt through my lens; my job is pretty cool.

Image by the lovely Lucy, My Beautiful now


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